Do You Take Payment Installments?

Yes, of course. We can work out a payment schedule to make sure you are able to pay for the photos. All we ask is that you pay a $250.00 deposit up front to lock in your date and have the remaining amount to us on your wedding.

Someone Else Is Paying For Our Photos. Who Signs The Contract?

No matter who is paying for the photographs, it’s always you – the bride and groom – who sign the contract. You’ll also be our primary contact and who we speak with leading up to, on the day of, and the days following your wedding.

Can I Hire An Additional Photographer To Shoot Our Wedding?

The contract you sign states that Sheri Holloway Photography photographers are the only photographers allowed to shoot on your wedding day. This helps promote creativeness and ensures you get the best photos. We do offer additional shooters depending on the photo package you choose. As long as guests do not infringe upon our space, they can take pictures with their cameras/phones.

Can I Hire You To Shoot My Destination Wedding?

We absolutely love destination weddings, so the answer to your question is a resounding, “Yes!” We have a separate contract for destination weddings, which details accommodations and travel expenditures.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Pictures?

You will always receive your pictures within six weeks, but usually earlier. During the busy season, we sometimes get backlogged, but even then we do our best to have all digital negatives to you within three to four weeks.

Do You Design The Photography Albums?

I do not design albums at this time. I do though, on request, upload imagery to an album online for you and your guests to order prints at

Do You Provide Customized Packages?

Not all weddings are the same – we get it! For that reason, we may provide a customized wedding package to suit your needs. These customized packages are for weddings that are outside the norm (for example, a very short, intimate wedding between only parents and the bride and groom). Talk to us and we’ll make it work!

Do You Sell Extra DVDs?

Yes, for $25 you can have as many extra DVDs of the original files as you wish!






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