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Reasons to hire a professional to capture your wedding memories:

June 9, 2022
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#1 Professional Photographers can create a custom wedding day timeline, which is hugely important when it comes to your wedding day flowing well and not forgetting anything!

They ask questions and get inside your head to help you articulate what matters most to you both on your big day!
Professional photographers work with wedding planners to create and capture the wedding of your dreams! Let’s face it, the timeline will get off-track occasionally… Grandma may run late to the ceremony, a button falls off the groom’s shirt, the couple can’t find their vow books, the flower girl is having a meltdown (oh yes! All these things have happened and much more at the weddings I photograph!!) A professional, like me, can work with the other wedding vendors to get your timeline back on track!

#2. Equipment aside, experience is key- especially on your wedding day!

Although it may be tempting to ask a family member or someone you know who has a really nice camera to capture your day, your wedding day really is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration with friends and family coming together…Yes, it comes with a cost, but this is one occasion you don’t want to leave to Uncle Bob!

#3. Professional Photographers possess People skills!

People management skills are one of the top things wedding photographers possess (outside of their skills as photographers, of course. Photographers also know how to get the flower girl and ring bearer to look precious and charming and make the photo process fun for everyone!
Inexperience handling groups can cause unnecessary loss of time or feelings of stress.

#4. Professional Photographers have more than just a nice camera, they also have lighting gear, Light Stands, reflectors, etc…

Although I wish it were 75 degrees and partly cloudy on wedding days, it’s almost never perfect weather here in Missouri!
Having flashes and knowing how to manage ALL lighting scenarios like dark barns, bright hot sunny days, and spotty lighting.

#5. An amateur photographer means more work for you!

I have had years of experience and can anticipate what’s going to happen next so that I can capture all the love and emotion! Also, before the wedding, I work with my couples to come up with a timeline, and family list and ask questions about family dynamics, who their vendors are, and questions to get to know them and their personalities.