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Family Photography Session Tips

May 24, 2023

Family Photo Session TIPS!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning a family photo shoot in Branson Missouri:

1. Choose the right location: The location you choose will set the tone for your photos. Consider a scenic outdoor location or a special spot that has meaning to your family.

2. Coordinate outfits: Make sure everyone’s outfits complement each other and avoid busy patterns or clashing colors.

3. Timing is everything: Schedule your shoot during the optimal time of day for lighting, usually early morning or late afternoon. I usually say 1 hour and 30 minutes before sunset for the best lighting!

4. Keep it relaxed: I love photographing families in traditional poses that have natural expressions and capture candids too! Sometimes those are my favorites!

5. Don’t forget about props: Props can add a fun element to your photoshoot and show off your family’s personality. I’ve even had clients bring signs with their last name.

6. Bottom line, you need to Hire a professional photographer: A skilled photographer can capture the best shots and make sure everyone looks great.

Here’s my shot list with a sprinkling of candids thrown in too!

Family Photoshoot List:

  • Entire Family (3 Combinations)
    1. Traditional Portrait (standing)
    2. Mom or Dad (or both) sitting, children all around)
    3. Walking/Running
  • Mom & dad (Several Poses)
  • Just Mom, Just Dad
  • Siblings
  • Mom with daughters, and then just sons
  • Dad with sons, then just daughters
  • Parents with each child
  • Each Child Separately

Multiple Family Shot List:

  • Entire Family (2 or 3 combinations/locations)
    1. -Lined up
    2. -Grandma and pa in front, families in groupings behind them
  • -Celebrate! (Balloons or Bubbles!)
  • Grandma and Grandpa
  • Just Grandma, Just Grandpa
  • Grandparents with each Grandchild
  • Grandparents with ALL Grands
  • All Grandkids Together
  • Each Family unit
  • Grandma and pa with just their children
  • Then add in Spouses


  • All Girls, All Boys
  • Each couple
  • Each set of Siblings
Locations for family photoshoots listed below!
Remember to have fun and enjoy the experience! Call me to set up a family photo session today!
Branson Family Photographer. sheri holloway photography

Family Session in Branson Missouri on the Lake!

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Sheri Holloway Photography

Branson Missouri Family Photographer

Branson Missouri Family Photographer


Branson / Nature:

-Stockstill Park (Melody Penner Road)

-Dewey Short Visitor Center/Dam

-Big Cedar ($150 fee)

-Moonshine Beach/Chateau on the Lake

-Our Home/Pond/Waterfall/Barn Forsyth/Studio

-Field by our home

Branson Urban:

-The Landing

-Starbucks/Downtown Area


-Springfield Nature Center

(Old Bridge area by Highland Springs)

-Nathanael Green Park

-Oriental Gardens at Nathanael Green

-Phelps Grove (Sarah and Jordan)

-Fellows Lake

-Commercial Street

-Springfield Courthouse

-Parking garages and go to the top of parking garage

(by the old Firehouse in Springfield)

-Mediacom Ice Park/Train Tracks


Lake of the Ozarks:

-Haha Tonka

-Lake of the Ozarks State Park

Linn Creek Mo


Arkansas Bluffs:

-Whitaker Point

-Sam’s Throne



-Walton park





Ozark, MO