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San Diego Engagement Shoot at Sunset Cliffs

September 11, 2023

Sunset never looked so good!

The “Step it up with Sheri” Workshop (Sheri Holloway Photography), I hosted with “Styled By Linds” last month was truly a dream come true for me! Being a wedding photographer for over 20 years now I was ready to take the next step with mentoring other photographers! It took over 6 months of dreaming, networking with creative partners in California, and planning to come up with 8 different styled photoshoots for a group of 15 to photograph.

This Classic Car Shoot with a beautiful couple (who actually just found out they were having a baby!!) on Sunset Cliffs was truly magical!

Here are some Photo TIPS when capturing photos with a classic car during an engagement session, photographers should keep the following techniques and tips in mind:

1. Composition: Pay attention to the placement of the car in the frame to create a visually appealing composition. Consider using the car as a leading line or framing device to draw attention to the engaged couple.

2. Lighting: Take advantage of the natural light and position the couple and the car in a way that highlights both. Utilize the golden hour (early morning or late afternoon) for soft, warm lighting that accentuates the colors and textures of the car.

3. Angles and Perspectives: Experiment with different angles and perspectives to add variety to the photos. Capture wide shots to showcase the car in its entirety, as well as close-up shots to focus on details like the grille or emblem.

4. Poses and Interaction: Encourage the engaged couple to interact with the car naturally, whether it’s sitting inside, leaning against it, or even lying on the hood. This can bring out their personalities and create an authentic connection with the vehicle.

5. Props and Styling: Consider incorporating props that complement the classic car, such as vintage-inspired accessories or clothing choices. These elements can enhance the overall aesthetic and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

6. Background and Location: Choose a location that complements the style of the car and adds visual interest to the photos. In the case of Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, take advantage of the stunning coastal scenery and incorporate it into the shots.

7. Attention to Detail: Pay attention to details like reflections on the car’s surfaces or any interesting textures that can be captured. These small elements can enhance the overall look and feel of the photos.

Remember, the most important tip is to have fun and encourage the engaged couple to express their emotions naturally. Capturing authentic moments will result in beautiful and meaningful photographs! We were pressed for time and space during this shoot….people were everywhere, but we made it happen!

Creative Partners who helped bring this shoot to life:

Classic Car Engagement – Sunset Cliffs 

Host + Planner: @StyledByLinds_ https://www.heyitslinds.com/styledbylinds

Co- Host: @HighHeeledArtist http://www.sherihollowayphotograpahy.com

Florist: @LWF_FloralDesign. https://lifewthflowers.com/’

Classic Car: @SeasideClassics 

Couple: @Ni.Colie + @CrazyLegsConner