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First Look on a Wedding Day Pro’s and Con’s

March 14, 2024

 I’m a HUGE Fan of having a “FIRST LOOK” between the Bride & Groom before the Wedding Ceremony!

This is the first question I ask my couples as we plan their wedding photography timeline. It’s an important first question because it determines the entire timeline of the day!  Yes, if you know me at all, you know that I LOVE First Looks, I actually considered not taking couples who did not want to do a first look because it’s seriously so much harder on me their photographer, everyone in the wedding party, plus their guests too!

My reasoning you ask? Well If I could get married to my amazing husband Andy again, and create a timeline with a first look, I would do it 100%!  A First Look was not “a thing” when we were married. Everything was very Traditional!  Being a sentimental and romantic person you’d imagine I’d want us to NOT see each other before the ceremony, but you would be wrong! In fact it’s so much more romantic to have a Private First Look for so many reasons! Consider this… it’s just the two of you together sharing a special moment, saying things to each other, really taking it all in!…Couples have told me that they still feel that same excitement as they walk down the aisle & see each other. The best part though, is that you have more time to take those sought-after romantic shots, and simply more time together on your big day, and you are looking your best right after hair and makeup you go straight to the first look. The guys say it totally relaxes them to see his bride before the weddings too!  Here are the reasons for a First Look!


Beautiufl blond haired bride in a huge bridal gown. The groom to be is standing in a white tuxedo waiting on his bride for a First Look before the ceremony!

Greenhouse Two Rivers Wedding. First Look between a husband and wife.1. ) Calm those nerves! This helps especially the men actually!

2.). You look your absolute best coming straight out of hair and makeup and right to the First Look! Pro Tip: Make sure you have your makeup and hair artists still there for touch-ups after the first look in case you tear up!

3.) You spend more time together on your wedding day! Who wants to stay locked up in a room, or try to enjoy your venue during your day but are nervous about bumping into each other!

Greystone Valley Wedding Venue in Branson, Missouri

4.) You get to say what you want to say to each other, and feel all the emotions in a private space when your eyes meet each other in your wedding attire!! I remember my wedding day (27 years ago), and First Looks were not a thing at all, no one ever did that, but I remember just wanting to talk to Andy during the ceremony which was almost an hour long!

5.) You’ll have more time for photos and also not waste time trying to figure out where your wedding party is after the ceremony! Someone go find Brian, he’s probably at the Cocktail Hour!!

6.). Speaking of Cocktail Hour, you’ll actually get to enjoy it with your guests after your Family Formal Photos!

7.)  You have 2 or even 3 times during the day to have Couple Portraits! That means MORE photos of the two of you!

Bride walking down the aisle for a first look with her husband.

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2024 03 14 0021

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2024 03 14 0023

8.) Your Timeline will not be rushed! After the Ceremony you’ll barely have time to say two words to each other before you start taking the Family Photos, Wedding Party Pics, and of Course your photos too! Whew..it’s crunch time to get everything accomplished for sure, then it’s off to the Wedding Reception!

Hope these ideas are helpful on you deciding on having a First Look or not! I guess I didn’t give you any Cons…sorry about that! 🙂

My next blog I’ll be sharing tips on your Wedding Day Timeline, so stay tuned!


First Look with a Bride and Groom underneath a Waterfall at Dogwood Canyon. The Groom is in a Green Tuxedo and the Bride is wearing a white lace boho wedding dress and a floral crown.

Bride and Groom under a waterfall at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. The Groom is wearing a Green Tux and he and his wife are exchanging rings under the waterfall. The bride is wearing a flower crown and a white lace wedding gown.